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Friday Focus: Rotterdam Introduces the Moselle Express

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The Port of Rotterdam has launched a new rail connection between its deep-sea terminal and Trier, which transports containers between the two destinations in just 12 hours.

According to a new video, which outlines the journey of containers between Rotterdam and Trier, speed, reliability and an optimal price are crucial to effective logistics.

In order to achieve the fast movement of cargo, each part of the supply chain must be fully optimized.

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Rotterdam’s hypermodern terminals are designed to ensure the quick and skilled handling of all containers as they arrive, before being transported to the Moselle Express rail connection.

Once the containers arrive at Trier, smart logistics operations allow the cargo to be transported, via truck or rail, immediately, reducing obstacles and increasing the efficiency of the supply chain.

This enables shipping companies to easily service the large industrial area between Eifel, Saarland and Luxembourg.



In addition to the speed of one’s supply chain, there is a rising demand for sustainable logistics solutions.

The Moselle Express has a low carbon footprint, reducing CO2 emissions 30% by allowing containers transported through the rail connection to carry more weight.

With a deep-sea connection accessible in just 24 hours from the Moselle Express’ destination, this logistics solution is far quicker and more reliable than trucking alone. 

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