Friday Focus: OneWeb’s Global Satellite Network

 07 Jun 2019 10.37am

Global connectivity experts OneWeb have released a video demonstrating exactly how they enable worldwide satellite communications.

In the video, OneWeb says their system provides high throughput, low latency connectivity by utilizing a fleet of more than 600 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites.

At 1200 kilometers, these satellites operate far closer to the Earth than their geo-stationary counterparts – which are usually at an altitude of 36,000 kilometers.

A recent Port Technology technical paper looked at how to enable the 'connected port of things' 

OneWeb says this provides better system performance and explains that its satellites communicate with an extensive gateway infrastructure on Earth to connect to the internet.

End users connect to the satellites via OneWeb terminals. As satellites pass over users, the terminals handoff connection between beams and to the next approaching satellite - the resulting connectivity will provide high-speed access in a download simulation.   

Port Technology reported on June 6, 2019, that OneWeb had launched a new, fiber-based revolutionary maritime network, which it said will bring a tenfold increase in bandwidth and provide critical coverage in remote regions, including the Arctic.

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