Friday Focus: Mega Ship’s Bridge Tour



This Friday PTI presents a new video from YouTuber and Third Mate of an OOCL vessel JeffHK, where he explains the centralised computer systems of the vessel and gives you a tour around the bridge, the centre of all operations.

JeffHK commented on the video: “Sometimes small boats that are made of wood wont show up on radar, so we can only use sight. At night when there is heavy traffic, its much easier to navigate by sight [by looking at lights] than by radar.

“Because radar always seem more clustered than it actually is, imagine trying to drive in a busy road with 'radar' view, not having the 3D information is quite tough to gauge. Radar is also delayed, change in speed or course takes few minutes.

“AIS can be manipulated or errored. Sight is always true. Narrow channels and buoyed systems are all navigated with sight for [the] same reason, sight is a better tool than radar in those areas.”

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