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Friday Focus: Farm to Table with IBM Research

Friday Focus: Farm to Table with IBM Research

Using IoT and blockchain, researchers from IBM Brazil are developing new solutions that help track, manage and monitor our food supply with trust and transparency.

Together with IBM Watson and IBM Research-India, IBM Brazil has developed and designed a suite of tools and solutions to help the agriculture industry make better informed decisions – The Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture.

It uses big data and machine learning to predict yield for corn crops to to three months in advance, using only a limited amount of energy in the process, allowing for high-speed yield forecasts and insights.

Learn more about AI in the supply chain with a Port Technology technical paper

It does this by analysing every aspect of a crop's journey from farm to the port and, ultimately, the consumer, including verifying the quality of seeds and soil.

The initiative is part of a wider project to transform the agriculture industry using blockchain and other smart technologies. Research teams in Africa and India, for example, are developing blockchain-based solutions to assist on a range of agricultural challenges, such as pest and disease prevention and finance lending. 

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