Friday Focus: Crewman Jumps Overboard to Save Whale

 21 Apr 2017 10.43am

This week PTI is focusing on an act of bravery by crew members on board the Cheikh Mokrani LNG tanker who saved a large whale after it was caught in a fishing net.

In the video above, a man jumps into the sea from the deck of the ship to help his fellow seafarer who was already trying to save the trapped whale.

The commercial maritime sector has caused a lot of damage to the whale population.

Whales are often hit by ships and underwater noise and chemical pollution causes damage by disturbing the environment they live in.

But some organizations are trying to improve the situation.

Evergreen Line recently received recognition for its voluntary environmental and ecological protection program

This has helped increase the whale population in the Santa Barbara Channel region over the July to November 2017 period.

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has also added new criteria to its 'industry-leading' incentive program for marine vessels operating in the Port of Vancouver.

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