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Friday Focus: APL Introduces Reefer Tracking System

Friday Focus: APL Introduces Reefer Tracking System

APL, a shipping company owned by leading carrier CMA CGM, has released a new video to highlight its SMARTemp solutions for tracking refrigerated cargo.

The system, which offers customers real-time information about the condition of ‘reefer’ containers, is said to offer a number of different benefits, saving costs on the installation of separate tracking devices and protecting cargo from damage.  

SMARTemp is described as an end-to-end solution which monitors refrigerated cargo from origin to destination, offering constant coverage of the container’s movement without a break in connection.

In order to provide real-time access, a communication module decodes data and transmits it to a satellite, ensuring the integrity of the signal.

Søren Leth Johannsen, Maersk, discusses next-gen efficiency in reefer operations in a recent Port Technology technical paper

Variables that can be viewed and even controlled remotely include the temperature of the container, its humidity, and the atmospheric conditions of the unit.

If a problem or anomaly is registered, “on-call cargo teams” from APL are able to correct the situation while the container is on the move.

In addition to SMARTemp, APL is also collaborating with tracking solutions provider TRAXENS to develop ways of monitoring cargo as it travels along the supply chain.

Arnaud Coudray, APL Chief Commercial Officer, commented on this project: “Given the numerous parties and intricacies involved in an end-to-end logistics supply chain, every supply chain manager depends on reliable intelligence to optimise their supply chain and mitigate risks.”

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