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Friday Focus: APL and TRAXENS’ Intelligent Containers

Friday Focus: APL and TRAXENS’ Intelligent Containers

Container shipping line APL has released a video demonstrating the benefits of sharing data and the potential of intelligent container tracking.

“If you’re in the business of moving things around the planet,” it says, you should know something big is happening. Breakthrough technology is bringing intelligence to containers at price levels that make massive uptake possible for the first time.”

Data is currently being gathered and distributed on an unprecedented scale, and this is transforming the global supply chain as we know it.

The breakthrough technologies APL refers to is being used to bring, not only big data but the correct amount of data to the right person and the right time.

A brand new Port Technology technical paper looks at collaboration in container shipping

In February 2019, PTI reported that APL had agreed to a deal with tracking solutions specialists TRAXENS to offer real-time data on the condition and movement of specific cargo on a platform called ‘TRAXENS by APL’.

Shippers can receive information about particular shipment milestones, idle time and temperature throughout a container’s journey.

This information can be transmitted to a customer anywhere in the world, regardless of the device they are using, allowing future plans to be made and improved.

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