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Friday Focus: ABB’s Data Automation System

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Marine tech specialists ABB have released a video showing the potential and power of their all-in-one automation system, currently being utilized by telecommunications giant Ericsson.

The ABB Ability Data Center Automation has become a leading solution to manage the complex energy and operational needs of the world’s ever-expanding information hubs.

Data centers stand on the front line of the global digital revolution and much of the world’s largest digitalized information flows through them.

The global rollout of 5G will see the volume of digital data grow even more in the coming years – ABB predicts data center traffic will grow by 400% in the next two years – and the colossal amount of energy it creates will require highly sophisticated ever-greater energy-management and operational efficiencies.

How is Hamburg becoming a hub for smart technologies? Find out with a Port Technology technical paper

ABB has emerged as one of the world’s leading providers of operations and energy management systems for massive data centers – which is Ericsson has chosen it to orchestrate its Global Information and Communication Technology Center in Rosersberg, Sweden.

Thanks to the ABB Ability Data Center Automation solution, vast quantities of data can be monitored and controlled from one room.

5G technology is fast becoming an important area of research and development for the maritime industry.

In November 2018, the Port of Hamburg announced early results of tests showed 5G had the potential to help it become a hub for next-generation industrial mobile communications.  

Find out more about ABB’s data automation system here.

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