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(Free Paper): Reliability in the Digital Supply Chain

(Free Paper): Reliability in the Digital Supply Chain

A new paper from the Port of Rotterdam has outlined the importance of players in the maritime chain remaining reliable as new challenges such as blockchain, big data and IoT change the way we move trade.

The Port of Rotterdam said in a statement: “Supply chains are changing. Terms such as blockchain, big data analysis and the Internet of Things are no longer buzzwords.

“A growing group of companies is aware that digitization in the supply chain is indispensable if they are to remain competitive in a dynamic market. Reliability is the keyword.

“Digitization plays a key role in the transformation of logistics services, and this whitepaper describes and explains the requirements that need to be implemented in order to profit from the advantages offered by digitization.”

Read the whitepaper: Reliability is Key in a Digital Supply Chain

This paper is the fourth free offering from the Port of Rotterdam thus far in 2019, with the world-leading smart port releasing three highly popular papers already, as listed below:

The Port of Rotterdam has garnered a reputation as one of the world’s leading smart ports in recent years, and Jan Gardeitchik, the port’s Business Lead of Digital Business Solutions, recently offered Port Technology an exclusive insight into 3 ways ports can digitize (see below):


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