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Free e-Book: Automation in 2018

Free e-Book: Automation in 2018

The e-Book opens with a paper from maritime innovation and consultancy expert company CyberLogitec with an offering that looks into how ‘smart’ become the new ‘small’.

We have seen a trend across all fields of technology to smart operations over a simply smaller design of existing technological solutions, and this paper takes the view that this paradigm shift has also been witnessed in the port sector and served as a model for handling increasing capacities.

Download the exclusive e-book Automation in 2018

The second offering is from Containerchain and looks into how ports are now connecting in order to create a smoother chain and foster much better utilization of technology.

Such port community cohesion was witnessed at PTI’s Smart Ports & Supply Chain Technologies (SPSCT) Conference in Rotterdam in October, 2018.

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A Q&A with Tim Clark of Motorola Solutions is the third offering, and the Q&A covers a burgeoning field in networks, new solutions therein and 5G.

The final offering is from Manzanillo International Terminal (Panama) along with TOS provider Tideworks, and looks into a real life automation experience.

PTI Editor Richard Joy said: “We’re delighted to offer this to our audience as an end-of-year gift. There’s a nice variety of papers in the e-Book, each of which cover a distinct and pertinent area of automation in 2018.

“Collectively, this ebook offers you an end of year review of the key trends in 2018. However, as we prepare for 2019, this type of publication is something that will be much more common, as we strive to have a much greater offering in the form of e-Journals.

“Next year we plan to have 10 e-Journals, and 2 print editions, meaning we’ll effectively have a total of 12 editions during the calendar year.

“Before this begins, please enjoy this final publication of 2018 from us, and I wish you all a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.”  

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