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Free e-Book: Port-Centric Logistics – The Model of the Future

Free e-Book: Port-Centric Logistics – The Model of the Future

PTI is proud to publish a new e-book outlining one of the most exciting areas in port development, strategy and planning today – port-centric logistics.

Download the free Port-Centric Logistics e-Book here

Port-centric logistics has forced its way to the forefront of the industry conversation after new demands have fallen upon the sector in the shape of efficiency, sustainability and utilization of space.

Senior Consultant with Port Technology, Richard Joy, said: “Port-centric logistics is a subject that came up time and again at our 2019 events, usually with regard to new strategies ports and terminals can implement to get one-step ahead of the competition.

“This led me and the team to develop an e-Book exploring this in much greater detail, allowing some of the industry’s top voices to demystify this field and show us the true potential of it.”

The e-Book features two academics at the forefront of port-centric logistics as a subject area, Dr. Jason Monios and Professor Jean-Paul Rodrigue.

The e-Book is completed by insights from the operational side, with leading global port operator DP World and major US port the Port of Long Beach offering their experience and strategies in port-centric logistics.

Joy added: “We wanted to created an e-Book the offered a blend of theory, foresight, practicality and insight, and this blend of papers has allowed us to do this.

“I hope you enjoy this e-Book, we wanted to make it freely accessible to start conversation and sit at the forefront of this auspicious industry development.”

Download the Port-Centric Logistics e-Book now

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