Frebs Seeks Smart Port Partner

 31 Mar 2017 08.26am

British company Frebs Marine International has put out a call for an international port operator to assist in patenting and operating a new partly autonomous cargo shipping system.

It is on the hunt for a port to acquire the licence and patents then develop and operate the system.

Its Frebs System, incorporating advanced technology and autonomous ships, will aim to reduce the need to invest in capacity.

Reducing the need to build expanded ports and docks, ensuring savings in land use, and avoiding ongoing dredging are among the goals of the project.

Technical Paper: Economic Justification in Automation Projects

Frebs Marine International’s system targets reducing congestion and costs spent increasing the capacity of ports worldwide, and can be applied universally in suitably equipped ports and harbours.

By employing designs for feeder ships and barges among other things, the system will improve cargo handling and ensure the more efficient use of containers.       

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