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Five-Point Plan Launched to Grow UK Ports

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The UK Major Ports Group (UKMPG) has launched a five-point plan to grow the success of the country’s port sector.

UKPMG, which represents the global gateway ports for 75% of the UK’s seaborne trade, announced the initiative for sustainable growth at its annual parliamentary reception.

Policies listed, as part of the plan, include the promotion of connectivity to boost trade and productivity, as well as the creation of a positive planning and development framework to create investment opportunities and jobs.

According to a statement, UKPMG members invest more than half a billion pounds in the UK every year and are ambitious to grow their activities and investment.

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In addition to this, UKPMG wishes to deliver a balanced environmental approach and ensure that the UK remains well placed as a location to develop the ports of the future.

Charles Hammond, UKMPG Chair and Chief Executive of Forth Ports, commented: “This is the time for ports. The current focus on Brexit and the UK’s trade with the world has shone a light on ports and their importance to the U.K.

“And it’s not just the current context. The ports sector is on the cusp of major technological change to radically transform the business models of major ports and many of our customers and supply chain partners. So, it’s never been a more important or exciting time to be in the ports sector.

“The members of the U.K. Major Ports Group are ambitious to invest more in the U.K. and grow the £7.6bn of value we directly contribute to the U.K. as well as the vital enabling role facilitating trade we provide for the rest of the economy.”

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