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First Vessel Docks at ICTSI’s Puerto de La Plata Terminal

First Vessel Docks at ICTSI’s Puerto de La Plata Terminal

International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI) has announced the official opening of its new TecPlata facility in Argentina and the arrival of its first vessel – the Jacarandá of ocean carrier Log-In.

The TecPlata terminal – claimed by ICTSI as the most advanced of its kind in Argentina – is at Puerto de La Plata, around 60km from the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

Operated by an ICTSI subsidiary of the same name, TecPlata has been opened after the completion of a US$450 million construction and installation project.



The new facility at Puerto de La Plata has an annual throughput capacity of 450,000 TEUs. while a planned second phase of development, if implemented, will enable the terminal to handle over one million TEU per year.

Bruno Porchietto, TecPlata CEO, said: “This is a first step for the company and we firmly believe it will pave the way for new agreements, with more operators to maximise our current installed capacity.”

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This week’s arrival of the Jacarandá,­ a 218m long vessel of 38,000 tonnes, is the first port-call of Log-In’s fortnightly operation at the TecPlata terminal.

Porchietto added: “This start to our operations was a long-awaited milestone. From here on, the TecPlata Terminal will stand apart for its efficiency, competitiveness and its transparency.”

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