Finnish Port Develops New Container Terminal

 21 Aug 2017 12.21pm

The Port of Rauman in Finland has developed a new 60-metre container terminal and announced plans to extend the quay by an additional 520 meters at the end of the year.

Work to expand the port began in the spring of 2016 and will cost an estimated US$29.4 million upon completion.

The container terminal will benefit through a deeper quay and new areas for container operations.

Rauma is the third largest container port in Finland, handling over 70% of all containers transported through the ports on the Finnish west coast from Turku to Tornio.

Hannu Asumalahti, Managing Director of Rauma Satama Oy, said: "The work has progressed smoothly and safely, and now we have completed the difficult part of the contract, that is to say, connecting the new and old quay.

“Rauma has been growing steadily [in 2017], so investments in the port are beginning to take place at an opportune time.”

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