Ericsson and OceanAlpha Launch Unmanned 5G Vessel

 28 Feb 2019 09.55am

OceanAlpha, experts in marine automotive technology, have unveiled an unmanned 5G survey vessel at the World Mobile Congress (WMC) in Barcelona, Spain, as part of a collaboration with Ericsson and China Mobile.

According to a statement, the smart vessel was the centerpiece of a Broadband IoT session of the WMC, where its high-tech capability and environmentally-friendly potential were demonstrated.


Credit: OceanAlpha


The vessel was set in a pool outside the main exhibition hall and visitors were given the chance to test it for themselves at a console deck.

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The vessel’s HD cameras allowed visitors to drive it remotely and its sensors collected real-time water data and identified sources of pollutants, which were shown live on big screens at the console deck.   


Credit: OceanAlpha


Speaking at the WMC, Ran Zhang, general manager of OceanAlpha, said 5G technology has the potential to change how marine environments are surveyed.

“Relying on 5G communication technology, OceanAlpha’s unmanned boat can conduct water area monitoring, VR back-end demonstration, water quality monitoring, remote application control, and autopilot,” Zhang said.

“This will completely change the traditional operation of the hydrological survey, water quality sampling & monitoring,  environmental law enforcement and other water ecological environment monitoring and supervision by effectively enhances data accuracy, reduces costs and improves work efficiency.”

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