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Engine Leaders Unite for Optimized Shipping Solution

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WinGD and ExxonMobil have announced the formation of a new partnership that will see WinGD’s predictive maintenance technology for engines combine with the Mobil Serv Cylinder Condition Monitoring service.

The agreement is expected to provide vessel operators with a number of performance benefits that will help them to overcome the unprecedented changes currently being experienced by the maritime sector.

The International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) 0.5% sulphur cap, which is set to come into effect in January 2020, will create operational challenges for the industry that necessitate greater insight into the performance of a ship’s engine.

Afshin Mansouri and Stefanos Kokkorikos discuss the movement towards a green shipping ecosystem in a recent Port Technology technical paper

According to WinGD, the more technologically advanced engines in today’s market require accurate, enhanced levels of monitoring to ensure engines are functioning at an optimal level.

With the two solutions joining forces to become an integrated system, insights will be produced to support the development of “next-generation engines and lubrication solutions”, as well as enhancing reliability and reducing maintenance costs.



Rolf Stiefel, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at WinGD, said: “By combining the output from WinGD’s Integrated Digital Expert with ExxonMobil’s Mobil Serv Cylinder Condition Monitoring lubricant analysis, we create an enhanced, bespoke, proactive maintenance programme.

“Combining these innovations will help ship owners reduce unplanned stoppages, save costs through engine performance optimisation and extend engine overhaul intervals.”



Steve Walker, Global Marine Equipment Builder Manager at ExxonMobil, added: “Uniting our next generation cylinder condition monitoring service with WinGD’s data collection and analytics tools creates unrivalled insights into vessel operations.

“This will give peace of mind to ship owners during the transition to compliant solutions.”

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