EMG Launches New Harbour Crane Brake Thrusters


EMG Automation GmbH (EMG), a developer and manufacturer of drive systems, has expanded its ELDRO portfolio with ELDRO digital, a new generation of ELDRO brake thrusters that have shorter lifting and lowering times due to optimized pump hydraulics.

EMG will reveal the brake thrusters (pictured below) at TOC Asia 2018 in Singapore, and has reported that the range has a lower power consumption than traditional electrohydraulic thrusters due to its use of an energy-efficient IE3 motor.

In addition, EMG has increased the hydraulic efficiency, which reduces the device's self-heating properties.

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EMG has also optimized the internal and external geometry of the housing to enable a maximum degree of convection.

According to EMG, this allows ELDRO dynamic to reach a much wider ambient temperature range than any other devices on the market.

A number of optional available intelligent sensors allow the brake lifting devices of the ELDRO digital to be suitable for connection to the condition monitoring systems.

ELDRO digital also offers stop position and residual travel monitoring sensors.

Additional sensors monitor aspects, such as inner pressure and temperature, can link to automation and monitoring systems via IO link-compatible sensors, which allows the monitoring of brake thrusters for predictive maintenance.

EMG will continue to market its previous ELDRO range under the name ELDRO classic.

Uwe Wurster, Head of the Drive Solutions business unit at EMG, said: “We have had many conversations that tell us that our new brake thrusters are arousing a great deal of interest in the industry.”

“Such a diverse range has never before been created, and with this new range we are offering a solution for every operating condition in a way that no other manufacturer does.”

Learn more about EMG:

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