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Ecuadorian Terminal Establishes Logistics Community

Ecuadorian Terminal Establishes Logistics Community

Contecon Guayaquil SA (CGSA), an Ecuadorian terminal operated by International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI), has announced the creation of the Logistics Community of the Port of Guayaquil (CLPG).

As the first port logistics community in Ecuador, as well as the entire region, CLPG is expected to serve as a platform for businesses with connections to the Port of Guayaquil, improving their competitiveness.

CLPG also plans to use research-based, technical solutions to optimize logistics capabilities within the supply chain.

According to a statement, “businesses will be able to maximize the commercial potential of Ecuador’s top commodities, while reducing costs at the same time”.

Jupiter Kalambakal, of ICTSI, discusses the Manila Terminal in a recent Port Technology technical paper

José Antonio Contreras, CGSA Chief Executive Officer, commented: “As the leading maritime gateway of Ecuador, we are working hard towards the creation of a community that is representative of the needs and interests of the port community.

“This collaborative, innovative and pioneering framework in the region will allow us to improve and optimize the supply chain and processes of importers and exporters operating in the Port of Guayaquil.”

Julio Mackliff, Vice President of Banco Guayaquil, said: “CLPG is an emblematic and innovative project in Ecuador. Banco de Guayaquil is not only supporting this initiative but is and will continue to be an active member.

“We are convinced about the positive results that this union of big companies will contribute for the economic and social development of our country.” 

Contecon Guayaquil is ICTSI’s largest port project in Latin America, and recently increased efforts to support the local economy through various investments in port infrastructure and technology.

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