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Eco Marine Power completes green vessel demonstration

Eco Marine Power completes green vessel demonstration

Japanese technology company Eco Marine Power has unveiled EnergySail, its sail-assisted and solar-powered propulsion shipping device, at its test centre.

In a statement, the company said EnergySail can be fitted with marine-grade solar panels, which makes it capable of providing ships with an emission-free source of supplementary propulsive power and electrical power.

The flexible design of the EnergySail enables it to be upgraded during the life-cycle of the ship, so that newer technologies can be incorporated if required.

It has also been designed so as to require as little maintenance as possible and be robust enough to withstand the harsh conditions of an operational life at sea.

These features of the design will be evaluated during further shore-based testing. The EnergySail is a core sub-system of the company’s Aquarius MRE (marine renewable energy) solution.

The Aquarius MRE combines wind, solar, energy storage and marine computer technologies into a scalable clean energy system for a wide range of ships, including coastal cargo vessels, bulkers, tankers and cruise ships.

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