Dutch Robots Scrub Boxships Clean

 14 Jul 2017 10.35am

Dutch hull-cleaning provider Fleet Cleaner has cleaned various container vessels with a length of over 350 metres during loading and unloading at Dutch container terminals.

Fleet Cleaner recently launched its innovative ship hull cleaning installation in all Dutch ports, which enables cleaning combined with bunkering activities.

All the washing was conducted without causing any downtime for the shipping companies.

A robot is handled by an operator in the control room of the support vessel, which moors alongside the ship that is being cleaned, enabling the service to be offered at all Dutch ports.

Safety is ensured by the absence of divers typically used to clean vessels, and staff maintain a safe working distance from the vessel.

Research in cooperation with Dutch regulating authorities has shown that the cleaning operation by Fleet Cleaner does not damage the environment, the provider said.

Lodewijk Middelburg, Commercial Manager at Fleet Cleaner, said: “The costs of fouling are often underestimated.

“From our experience with shipping companies we see that these container vessels of over 350 m can save around 14 MT fuel per day. This is equivalent to saving a fully loaded bunker truck every two days. By keeping such a vessel clean, the daily CO2 emissions of over 10,000 average cars can be saved.”

Technical Paper: The Journey of CONTROLS: DP World Antwerp

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