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DSP Talumis announces GEMINI Digital Twin terminal solution

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DSP TALUMIS has announced the rollout of GEMINI, a digital twin solution for the container terminal industry.

GEMINI is a digital twin to mirror decisions and strategies of the Terminal Operating System (TOS) algorithms, and to model sub-systems’ behaviour and operatives movements during real operations.

DSP Talumis B.V. is a newly formed partnership between DSP Data and System Planning SA, Switzerland and Talumis B.V., based in the Netherlands.

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The company aims to develop innovative vertical software solutions in the area of simulation, emulation, predictive analysis and artificial intelligence for the container terminal industry, to support operators in their daily operational decisions.

Steven Hamoen, CEO of Talumis, commented, “Talumis is proud to partner with DSP in this new joint venture.

“Our simulation and digital twin know-how together with the years of in-depth experience of DSP in the container terminal market, creates a very powerful combination.

“We are very confident that our combined forces can handle any problem that will be thrown at us and make a lasting impact on the container terminals business.” 

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