Jebel Ali Announces Container Weighing Plan

 05 May 2016 09.53am

DP World Jebel Ali has released a notice for its customers which informs of a solution that has been created to allow shippers to meet the upcoming SOLAS regulation that is due to come into effect on July 1, 2016, according to

DP World said: “DP World will provide a weighing system that will be integrated with the terminal operating system and the VGM, or verified gross mass, and available to the shipping line and shipper on Dubai Trade. All vessel operational documents i.e. discharge/load lists and the bay plan will need to have the VGM. However, the customer must continue to provide the declared weight as per the existing process.”

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In a previous article by PTI, it was reported that DP World was looking to implement container weighing services across its portfolio of container terminals.

This was in follow-up to a significant order placed by its Southampton terminal from Strainstall for its container weighing system, making this the first major commitment by a container terminal.

Technical Paper: The Exciting Port of Jebel Ali

The container weighing regulation has caused many issues, mainly because it was been too vague as to who will regulate the new rule and what is the most appropriate way to do so.

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Jonathan C Williams of ship broker agent FONASBA recently told PTI that there is likely not going to be one international body responsible for implementing the new rule.

The onus will therefore rest on shippers in order to ensure that the VGM has been correctly declared.

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