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DP World announces updated CARGOES TOS+ automated gate solution

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DP World will add an Auto Gate System (AGS) and Terminal Internet of Things (TIoT) solutions to its TOS platform CARGOES TOS+.

CARGOES TOS+ is a cloud-based Terminal Operating System (TOS), providing users with real-time information on vessel, gate, and yard movements, the operator said.

CARGOES TOS+ TIoT is designed to integrate all container handling assets involving real-time location tracking for container terminals through technologies using multi-channel data through devices and physical assets such as shipyards, distributions centres, and warehouses.

The feature captures essential container handling or mission-critical data in real-time monitored through an easily visible status window providing maximum transparency of container terminals.

The TIoT feature can integrate with the TOS+ Terminal Operating System for micro-level job optimisation.

The TIoT also provides a solution for the vast volume of data produced through tasks such as job handling updates and additional orders.

The TOS+ TIoT can update and process these vast data sets dynamically without human intervention, reducing human error. It also captures event history and real-time signals directly from various equipment.

DP World’s TOS+ AGS combines an advanced video analytics engine and proprietary machine-learning algorithm. The video identification feature can identify vehicles and containers with 99% accuracy on average.

The AGS works in parallel with traditional fingerprint, ID card or RFID recognition and integrates with CARGOES TOS+ TOS or other third-party systems.

Gate tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are built-in for processing time, error history and efficiency analysis.

The algorithm’s accuracy allows for fewer Optical Character Recognition (OCR) cameras – lowering hardware requirements and increasing savings on upfront setup costs.

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