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Deep-Sea Quay to be Built Along North Sea Canal

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Courtesy of De Jong Luchtfotografie

The Port of Amsterdam has announced that it will begin construction on a 900-metre-deep quay this summer near Amsterdam’s HoogTij business park.

The project, which involves the Municipality of Zaanstad, Port of Amsterdam and Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Haventerrein Westzaan (the Haventerrein Westzaan Development Company), will commence in August, with a large site to be excavated that will ensure unrestricted access to the North Sea Canal.

The two-part process to create the deep-sea quay, designed to prevent vessels loading and unloading in the Port from blocking access to the waterway, will also release a large amount of land and sand.

Rob Gordijn discusses the mega-project of building Amsterdam's new sea-lock in a recent Port Technology technical paper

This will be used for the project’s second stage, preparing a dry site for allocation of land-based companies.

Overall, the total area can accommodate 130 hectares of business activity.

The project is scheduled for completion in late 2019 when the entire port-site will become available for allocation.

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