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DCSA releases interface to improve Just in Time shipping

DCSA launches interface to improve JIT shipping
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The Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) has released an interface standards and messaging API as part of its efforts to improve Just-in-Time (JIT) shipping.

The DCSA said the new interface standards will enable automated data exchange between carriers, ports and terminals for the main five phases involved in any port call.

The standards are currently being tested by carriers and terminal operators at two ports. The tests will provide critical feedback for further enhancement of the standards as needed.

This is the second publication of the DCSA JIT Port Call Programme, which will ultimately include more than 50 event timestamps, providing a complete framework for all activities involved in the five main port call phases.

DCSA will also release an information model, interface standards and API definitions for the remaining event timestamps in the coming quarters. All API definitions are available to download for free from SwaggerHub and reference implementations are posted to GitHub.

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