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Damen launches world’s first fully electric ship-handling tug

Damen launches world's first fully electric tug
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Damen has announced it has launched the world’s first fully electric ship-handling tug of 70 tonnes bollard pull and delivered it to the Ports of Auckland.

The company said the RSD-E Tug 2513 takes an already efficient design and optimises it for maximum maritime sustainability, according to the company.

Ports of Auckland has set a goal of being a zero emissions organisation by 2040 and has worked with Damen to achieve this end.

The next stages of construction will see Damen install the vessel’s innovative hardware. The RSD-E Tug 2513 is scheduled to be delivered to Ports of Auckland end 2021. Following a vote, Ports of Auckland planning to name the vessel Sparky.

Sjoerd de Bruin, Damen sales manager Asia Pacific, said “ With 40% of New Zealand’s energy being generated from sustainable sources – including 80% of electricity – Sparky offers the chance to complete the sustainable circle in Ports of Auckland’s tug operation.

“Since receiving the order for this historic vessel, we have been working towards this moment – the introduction of the first fully-electric tug of this capability to the water. We are looking forward to continuing in our task and completing the vessel in the coming months.”

Damen additionally said the vessel is only one example of its work towards more maritime sustainability.

Its shipyards group has delivered a number of fully electric platforms, including a contract for nine hybrid and fully electric ferries to the Port of Rotterdam.

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