Da Nang Port Nears Finish Line For Container Berths

 04 Dec 2017 11.47am

Vietnam’s central Da Nang Port has neared the completion of two berths in an expansion project which aims to make Da Nang Port a leading container port in Central Vietnam.

Construction on the Tien Sa phase II expansion project commenced in July, 2016, over a year and three months ago.

In the face of cargo congestion at its existing port, the city of Da Nang had previously announced plans to invest $1.4 billion in the port.

Da Nang Port is an investor in the project with a capital investment of around $40 million, and has opted not to use any Overseas Development Assistance (ODA).

Da Nang Port plans to complete all investment portfolios three months ahead of the schedule in April, 2018.

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Two piers, including a 310-metre and a 210-metre pier, being built are to be equipped with two quay cranes and associated technical infrastructure.

The project will serve up to 70,000 DWT container ships and large vessels, 4,000 TEU container ships and 100,000 GRT passenger ships.

Cargo throughput at Da Nang Port in November, 2017 reached 712,263 tons, the first 11 months reached 7,384,287 tons, up 10.79% over the same period in 2016.

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