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CyberLogitec Reveals Upgraded Logistics Platform

CyberLogitec Reveals Upgraded Logistics Platform

CyberLogitec, a provider of operational technologies for the maritime industry, has announced the launch of OPUS Logistics SaaS, an upgraded version of its logistics operations solution.

The service, which is designed for ease of use, implementation and IT infrastructure management, responds to a need for more flexible and efficient technologies that improve supply chain visibility.

According to a statement, OPUS Logistics SaaS will enable different members of the logistics chain, such as freight forwarders and warehouse operators, to meet rising customer demand.

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Tools featured as part of the solution include a cloud-based sales platform, operations management, and financial accounting services which give logistics companies the ability to manage business processes any time.

OPUS Logistics SaaS also reduces technology infrastructure investment and software licence costs by automatically updating itself as the system evolves.

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Jason Hyeon, Managing Director of CyberLogitec Global, commented: “Supply chains are constantly evolving and challenged by the demand for cost competitiveness, superior service and quality, transparency, delivery speed, and flexibility.

“By creating our latest logistics solution in a SaaS model, CyberLogitec empowers the industry to scale quickly and meet customer expectations.

“Our end-to-end solutions provide enhanced capacity, flexibility and scalability. We designed the OPUS Logistics SaaS solution to deliver more adaptability and scalability, with access to real-time data anytime, anywhere.”

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