Cybercrime port and shipping industry’s ‘burden’

 21 Oct 2014 10.15am

Lawyers at US law firm Blank Rome have warned that the port and shipping industry must take action in combating cybercrime.

According to a statement released by the firm, governments are waking up to the threat regarding cyberattack, yet the onus falls on the shipping industry to take the appropriate action to prevent them.

Trade Winds reports representatives of Blank Rome as stating: “The failure to assume this responsibility will undoubtedly lead to serious and potentially devastating consequences, including government fines, direct losses, third-party liability, lost customers, and reputational damage that cannot be repaired.

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“Responsibility to actively defend against the risks of a cyberattack and be in a position to effectively respond to an incident rests squarely on the shoulders of individual ship owners, shipping companies, port operators, and others involved in the maritime industry.”

Recently, hackers infiltrated cargo tracking systems at the port of Antwerp to facilitate drug smuggling, according to Trade Winds, further highlighting the pertinence of the issue.

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