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Future Technologies for Ports – TBA

Dr. Yvo Saanen, Managing Partner and Founder of TBA, has answered questions about how technological innovations are benefitting the container shipping industry.

The one-on-one interview, part of a series filmed at Port Technology's Container Terminal Automation Conference (CTAC2018), has revealed how recent developments (timestamped below), including in automation and artificial intelligence (AI), are affecting the way companies are transporting ocean freight.

TBA is a provider of integrated software solutions to simplify the operations of ports, terminals and warehouses.

As an end-to-end, integrated software and consultancy firm, TBA focuses on small or large and manual or automated operations.

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Key video moments:

  • 0:12 – TBA's different approach in 2018
  • 1:24 – Key developments in container terminal automation in 2018
  • 2:38 – What a terminal should do to automate its processes
  • 3:22 – What modern terminal operators need to address with technology
  • 4:31 – How artificial intelligence (AI) will develop in the port sector
  • 5:12 – Three industry (port and terminal) changes that would improve the shipping sector

During the interview, Saanen said: “Ports are gathering a large amount of data, which is a prerequisite to really make AI useful.

“It’s a very repetitive business, so there is also potential in making AI a success, but, in summary, I would say there’s a long way to go, [but] at the same time there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

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