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CSP Launches Guangzhou Supply Chain Platform

CSP Launches Guangzhou Supply Chain Platform

COSCO Shipping Ports (CSP), the biggest terminal operator in the world, has signed a deal with the Guangzhou Nansha Economic and Technology Development Zone Commercial Bureau to launch a new supply chain platform.

The ‘COSCO Shipping Ports Supply Chain Project’ will see CSP explore development opportunities in a variety of sectors, including cross-border e-commerce distribution and cooperation.

Furthermore, CSP will also develop a high-end supply chain base at the Port of Guangzhou, the third fastest growing port in the world.

A recent Port Technology technical paper looked at the vital role logistics plays in the global supply chain 

To this end, it will build warehousing and logistics infrastructure across approximately 254,000 M2, which will see greater trade in containerized goods to Asia and beyond.

According to a statement from CSP, the initiative will see the establishment of a world-class port supply chain base, which will integrate logistics, warehousing and business support services.

Zhang Wei, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, CSP, said: “The Development of terminal extended services and port supply chain platform will be a new growth driver for COSCO SHIPPING Ports and the Company will put great effort in it.

“COSCO SHIPPING Ports’ investment in port supply chain project in Nansha heralds its initiative to take advantage of scarce logistics resources near the port and develop high-end warehousing business.

“Compared to a traditional warehouse, this high-end warehousing project near the port is irreplaceable and has a higher plot ratio and more scientific and efficient warehousing space.”

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