CSCL Mega-Ship Towed to Freedom

 09 Feb 2016 04.57pm

A joint operation between the Central Command for Maritime Emergencies, the Federal Water and Shipping Administration, Elbe Pilots and salvage companies has successfully re-floated the CSCL Indian Ocean with the help of 12 tugs, and effectively resumed its voyage to the Port of Hamburg.

The CSCL Indian Ocean was re-floated on February 9, 2016.

This follows news that the CSCL Indian Ocean had ran aground recently on the approach to the Port of Hamburg after the ship’s rudder system failed to operate.

The ship was made lighter by pumping off fuel and ballast, using dredgers and water jets to prepare the ground around the ship for re-floating.

The tide, which was higher than normal, provided additional help for the operation.

On instruction of the Elbe pilots, the ship was brought to the north edge of the fairway.

This manoeuvre enabled the navigation channel to be kept open for shipping, with possible damage on the south edge of the navigation channel was avoided.

Ben Lodemann, Chairman of the Lotsenbrüderschaft Elbe Pilot's Association, concluded: "Once again we have seen that in this special situation on the Elbe, all emergency services worked very professionally and effectively together, making the Elbe very safe pilotage waters."