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COSCO’s 25,000 TEU Megaship Takes Shape

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COSCO, the third largest container line in the world by market share, has had designs for its record-breaking 25,000 TEU vessel approved by China’s state-owned shipbuilding company.

According to a statement from Shanghai Ship and Shipping Research Institute (SSSRI), a subsidiary of COSCO that specialises in ship design, the plans for the new vessel were approved at a meeting on March 8, 2019.


 Credit: SSSRI


Furthermore, the SSSRI also said the project, named the ’25,000-Class Container Ship Type Development’, is a significant part of China’s goal of becoming a global maritime superpower.

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Credit: SSSRI


As well as that, it is central to the country’s two main strategic initiatives – the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a US$1 trillion plan to accelerate free trade, and Made in China 2025, the scheme by which Beijing wants to become a global hub of high quality goods.


Credit: SSSRI


As part of the announcement, the SSSRI also released pictures of the vessel’s maneuvering test, which is designed to test a vessel’s turning, yaw-checking, course keeping and stopping abilities, and tables showing its potential energy efficiency savings. 

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