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COSCO & China Mobile Sign Huge 5G Deal

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COSCO, the third biggest container shipping line in the world and COSCO Shipping Ports (CSP), the biggest terminal operator in the world, have reportedly signed an agreement with China Mobile to collaborate on areas including 5G, cloud computing and supply chain investment.

The deal was reportedly signed in Beijing on Friday and included a letter of intent for the joint development of a 5G smart port laboratory.

PTI Technical Paper: Moving Towards a Global Network of Ports

5G is one of the most exciting technological innovations in the ports and terminals industry.

The potential of 5G to improve operations through greater mobile connectivity has brought together some of the busiest ports in the world and mobile software giants.

The most profound example is the Port of Hamburg’s collaboration with Nokia and Deutsche Telekom, the results of which PTI reported on they were released earlier in 2019.

China Mobile was contacted by PTI but declined to comment on the reports.

PTI reported in June 2019 how China Merchants Port Group (CMPort) had signed an agreement with China Mobile and Huawei Technologies to establish a 5G innovation hub, an indication that China was using 5G to strengthen its position as the strongest maritime nation on Earth.

China Mobile later signed a deal with Ericsson in July, 2019, to develop Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) on an end-to-end, standalone 5G network.

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