CONTROLS: The future of container terminal planning

 22 Jan 2014 11.12am

  • CONTROLS supports go live of newest container terminals in the world

TBA, the Dutch-based consultancy and software provider, believes that its advanced simulation software is the way forward in container terminal planning when bringing some of the world’s newest terminals on-line.

The CONTROLS software acts as a ‘virtual terminal’ that is connected to the terminal operating system (TOS). This advanced software enables a TOS to be tested as if the terminal was live before the terminal actually goes live. The software is tuned to specific characteristics of the terminal’s operation to deliver its full performance potential and reduce the risk of any start-up problems a new terminal may encounter.

“Thanks to CONTROLS we reached high performance six months earlier than budgeted,” says Rich Ceci, IT director APM Terminals North America.

All major semi- and fully automated terminals that are currently being built are using CONTROLS to assure a fluent go-live. Meanwhile, more than 30 terminals are continuing to use this emulation tool to constantly improve their terminal in terms of yard strategy, equipment deployment and dispatching, as well as vessel planning.



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