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CMA CGM’s Start-Up Incubator to Benefit Digitization Aims

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Rodolphe Saadé, CEO of CMA CGM — the third largest container shipper in the world, has announced plans that are set to develop its digital evolution after sharing the Group’s intention to create its own start-up “incubator”.

The initiative, shared with audiences at the Salon des Entrepreneurs trade fair, will be developed in Marseilles, France, to attract talented new organizations from around the world and complement various CMA CGM initiatives such as the Carburateur incubator for the northern districts of Marseillese.

CMA CGM said that many of its digital partnerships will see benefits from the project.

These include Aix Marseille French Tech, a key player in digital innovation, and The Camp, a campus that combines large companies, start-ups, teachers and researchers.

The incubator will also be important in CMA CGM’s Corporate Ventures fund, CMA CGM Ventures, which was recently involved in the first digital marketplace for ocean freight contracts.

As part of its latest digital development, the group partnered with Infosys, a global IT leader, to accelerate the transformation of its information system.

Saadé said: “With this project, CMA CGM wishes to play a leading role not only in the economic development of the territory but also in the development of start-ups.

“The incubator complements the Group's digital ecosystem to accelerate its transformation and benefit from the best in the world, in the interests of our customers, the society and the territory.”

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