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CMA CGM Launches Advanced Reefer Technology

CMA CGM Launches Advanced Reefer Technology

Courtesy of CMA CGM

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CMA CGM has announced the launch of CLIMACTIVE — its advanced technology for the active controlled atmosphere of refrigerated containers.

The French ocean carrier has designed CLIMACTIVE to maintain the freshness of sensitive commodities such as fruit and vegetables from origin to destination.

Other types of cargo targeted by this new technology, which works by achieving the optimal container level of O2 and CO2 at a faster rate, includes products with a high benefit or long transit times.

According to a CMA CGM’s statement, CLIMACTIVE will allow businesses to optimize their competitive attractiveness by maintaining products’ freshness and preventing the maturation process.

Søren Leth Johannsen discusses next-gen efficiency in reefer operations in a recent Port Technology technical paper

In addition to this, the technology will allow businesses to expand and target new markets by reaching further destinations.

Eric Legros, Vice-President of Specialized Products and Value Added Services at CMA CGM, commented: “Following the launch of the REEFLEX innovation, CMA CGM continues upgrading its Reefer range to better meet customers’ needs and acquire new markets.

“By introducing CLIMACTIVE, an additional technology is now available for the most sensitive commodities in CMA CGM’s Controlled Atmosphere offer.”

The CMA CGM Group is the second largest refrigerated container carrier in the world, and offers transport solutions for all sensitive cargo requiring refrigerated transportation.

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