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CMA CGM sets goal of being carbon neutral by 2050

Oakland, California, USA - August 30, 2019 : Tugboats assist French container ship CMA CGM at the Port of Oakland under blue sky. A tugboat maneuvers vessel by pushing, pulling or towing containership
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CMA CGM CEO Jacques Saade has announced the carrier intends to be carbon neutral by 2050 in a virtual conference of world maritime leaders.

Speaking to the UN Global Compact video conference, which was also attended by the heads of Maritime Port Authority (MPA) and the IMO, Saade also reiterated his commitment to “balanced globalisation” that contributes to sustainable economic and social development.

In a statement, the carrier described Saade’s announcement as “a new step” in its goal to building a sustainable supply and logistics chain. Furthermore, it confirmed it is on track to cut its CO2 emissions per tonne transported per km by 2030, a target set by the IMO.

By 2023, the carrier want alternative fuels to comprise 10% of its total fuel use. In November 2019 it collaborated with IKEA to develop a viable bio-fuel as part of the GoodShipping Programme.

“In 2019, we reduced our total CO2 emissions by 6%,” Saade said. “These significant reductions were made possible thanks to our mobilization, the technological innovations implemented and an improved management of vessels operations”.

A core part of CMA CGM’s environmental ambitions will be its fleet of LNG-powered TEU mega-ships, which it will begin unveiling this year.

By 2022, the CMA CGM fleet will include 20 LNG-powered vessels, including nine with a capacity of 23,000 TEU (from 2020), five with 15,000 TEU and six of 1,4000 TEU, three of which have already been delivered to Containerships, its intra-Europe subsidiary.

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