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CMA CGM launches new cargo loading solution

CMA CGM launches new cargo loading solution

CMA CGM, the fourth largest container shipping line in the world by market share, has launched SEAPRIORITY Go, a new solution that offers priority for goods during the loading of vessels.

In a statement, the carrier described SEAPRIORITY Go as “a new high value-added service within the CMA CGM+ range of solutions designed to meet the needs of its customers”.

The solution, it explained, ensures customers’ goods receive priority whether it be for container allocation or loading on board.

CMA CGM’s ambition is for SEAPRIORITY Go to expand customers’ business, even when demand is strong, giving them more agility, flexibility and protection.

It will be a key component of CMA CGM +, the carrier’s range of solutions that are meant to complement its conventional and maritime logistics operations.

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