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China urges 2M to step-up competition


The China Shipowners’ Association has said that it is vital container shipping has greater competition, while expressing its opinion on 2M to the Chinese government. 

After China voted against Maersk’s P3 alliance, the industry is now waiting for Beijing’s response on 2M.

Zhang Shouguo, director of China Shipowner’s Association said: “China didn’t support the establishment of P3 [so] it is hard to say whether the Chinese government will approve 2M or not.

“The cooperation model of 2M is different from P3. Alliances are necessary for the shipping industry to improve efficiency and services, however competition is needed.”

Maersk and MSC have received approval from US authorities to set up 2M.

Some 185 ships will be included in the tie up, according to Sino Ship News, with the proposal still waiting for approval from China and the EU.

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