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Chennai Port in pollution promise

  • Chennai Port Trust to reduce emissions at coal plant

  • Port authorities take action in response to damning media report

The Chennai Port Trust have announced that they are to implement a series of measures that will help to reduce pollution levels at its port's coal handling yard.

The port authorities are taking action in response to a damning report published by the Times of India that highlighted concerns regarding the levels of pollution stemming from the coal facility.

The news was released via a statement from the Port Trust who detailed the procedures to help combat the worrying levels of pollution.

This includes the construction of wind barriers around the iron ore and coal stack yards and a bubble structure attached to the coal conveyor system.

Trees will also be planted around the yard area and water will be sprinkled on the surrounding roads and the yard area at regular intervals. Authorities also maintain that they will ensure tarpaulin covers all the lorries carrying coal material in and out of the site.

“We are following the pollution standards insisted by Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board, and frequent monitoring of air proves that the particulate pollution is not beyond the limits in the coal handling area”, the statement  obtained by The Times of India reads.

“All the employees and workers exposed to the coal handling operations are being thoroughly examined by the medical wing of Chennai Port Trust. It has not found any case of respiratory disease or any other possible health impact among workers due to coal pollution,” the statement continues.

The statement added that reports from the medical department of Chennai port shows that no increase in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD) has been identified on account of coal dust.

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