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17 January 2020 Digital

Singapore sees piracy spike

Nations around the Singapore Strait have been urged to improve surveillance and patrols after the waterway suffered an increase in piracy-related incidents in 2019.

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16 January 2020 AIS Partner

Kuenz enters US RTG market

US-based Norfolk Southern Railway has ordered six Kuenz Freeriders – 11 Wide and 1 over 4, according to a 16 January announcement.

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14 January 2020 Digital

Singapore breaks TEU record

The Port of Singapore enjoyed its best year ever in 2019 as it handled a record 37.2 million TEU despite a challenging environment for global trade.

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30 December 2019

2019 in review: Shipping

The past 12 months have seen significant change in the maritime industry. Shipping has seen major progress in a number of areas including the expansion of the global mega-ship fleet, examination of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) and US-China trade all continuing to affect the fortunes of ports, carriers and stakeholders.

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