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CargoX Agree Italian Blockchain Partnership

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CargoX, a company specializing in blockchain-based Smart Bill of Lading (B/L), has agreed a partnership with technology consulting firm DBA Group.

The Italian company, which is also a provider of IT solutions for supporting port logistics operations, specializes in network connectivity and the infrastructure lifecycle.

With the support of CargoX’s platform, which streamlines the handling of bills of lading on the Ethereum blockchain network, DBA has outlined a strategy for making blockchain solutions available to all its clients and partners in Southern Europe.

Darko Djuric discusses how blockchain might be used to secure the cyber environment in a recent Port Technology technical paper

CargoX will apply its blockchain technology to software used for yard safety management, guaranteeing a secure flow of information between all subjects involved in the decision-making and control chain.

Claudia Marcolin, Managing Director of DBA Lab, said: “Thanks to the strong experience [of] CargoX, now we are ready to introduce this innovative technology in Italy by integrating it with our products, both in the transport and logistics sector and in infrastructure assets management.



“The blockchain allows us to manage any process automatically and safely. For example, it can be used to manage relations in a port community or to streamlines customs control for all subjects that are already using the one-stop shop.”

Stefan Kukman, CEO and Founder of CargoX, commented: “CargoX is proud to partner with advanced IT solution providers who are already working with customers to bring them a suite of digital products that are perfectly tailored to their needs.

“The CargoX Smart B/L is the first completely safe digital Bill of Lading solution, and we want to see it integrated into all the advanced port and logistics management systems throughout Europe.”

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