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Cargo ship sinks after colliding with passenger vessel

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A cargo ship sunk after accidentally colliding with a passenger vessel at an Indonesian Port early on Tuesday morning.

The incident occurred between the cargo ship Journey and a state-company-owned passenger carrier, the MV Lambelu, just outside the Tanjung Perak Port, located in the city of Surabaya.

The collision, which occurred around 2.25 a.m., resulted in the loss of 133 containers due to be shipped to Lembar Port in West Nusa Teggara, after the cargo vessel began to take on water and soon sank.

Whilst the Journey was ruined, the Pelni-owned Lambelu suffered no serious damages.

It is believed that after pulling up anchor, Journey began to drift towards the passenger vessel, which was then berthed at the port. By the time the severity of the situation was realised, a collision was unavoidable.

Luckily no casualties were reported and the 17 crew members onboard Journey managed to swim to safety before the cargo ship sank around an hour later.

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