Cargo Ship Hijacked

 03 Feb 2016 11.36am

A merchant ship was recently hijacked by Nigerian militants who have given an ultimatum stating that unless authorities release Nnamdi Kanu, the detained leader of the defence of rights for the people of Baifra company, Radio Bafra, they will blow up the ship, according to The Guardian.

The unidentified ship was hijacked on Friday January 29 and the local navy is currently pursuing the missing vessel.

The hijackers have given the government 31 days to free Nnamdi Kanu who was detained on allegations of terrorism.

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According to Pulse Nigeria, the merchant ship goes by the name of ‘Leon Dias’ and five crew members have been held hostage, with the Chief Officer said to be seriously injured.

The ship was attacked while on route to Nata in Equatorial Guinea.

It was recently reported that five polish sailors had been kidnapped off of the Nigerian Coast while on route to the Nigerian Port of Onee.

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