Canadian offshore oil search leads to Guyana harbour development

 22 Feb 2011 03.23pm

  • CGX Energy to build deep water harbour in East Guyana

  • CAD$30 million to be invested in project near the Berbice River

CGX Energy Inc, the Canadian petroleum company is to build a deep water harbour in Guyana, as the Canadian search for offshore oil takes them to the South American country.

CAD$30 million will be invested in a new port and harbour development near the mouth of the Berbice River in the East of Guyana.

The modern deep water port which is scheduled for completion by the end of the year, will be able to support the larger vessels that will be in operation after the expansion for the Panama Canal is complete. The current main port hub of Guyana in Georgetown, is currently not deep enough to accomodate these supersized vessel, according to the Guyana Chronicle.

CGX Energy announced in November that it will start drilling for oil and natural gas along Guyana's east coast this year after resolving a long dispute over the offshore border with neighboring Suriname, reports the LA times.

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