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Bromma introduce the Fleet Doctor™ productivity tool to keep terminals operating in the green zone

  • Bromma to introduce new suite of “green” terminal productivity tools

  • The first of these applications is the Bromma Fleet Doctor™

The world leader in crane spreaders, Stockholm-based Bromma, is introducing a new suite of terminal productivity tools designed to help terminals keep their operations in a “green zone” of higher performance.

The first of these applications, Bromma Fleet Doctor™, has been developed for use by the spreader maintenance staffs of terminal organizations.

This new productivity tool from Bromma has several key features for terminal maintenance staffs. First, Bromma Fleet Doctor™ continuously monitors the operating functions of spreaders (such as expand/retract function, twistlock function, etc.) in order to detect and identify decelerating performance.

Spreader performance is ultimately based the reliability of key spreader functions, each of which should operate within an optimum performance range. When one or more of these spreader functions moves from its “green zone” of performance into the yellow zone, this is an indication that service attention is needed to prevent further decline of the function, and/or to prevent faults that may cause downtime. The detection of decelerating spreader function is an important first step to staying up and staying productive.

Bromma Fleet Doctor™, along with the other communications tools available in the Bromma productivity suite, will generate information that can be readily accessed on a variety of communications platforms. For example, the Fleet Doctor™ application will be able to be accessed on a notebook computer, a service technician’s iPad, tablet computers, computers in the maintenance department office or central terminal operations offices, or even on a service technician’s mobile phone.

“Every terminal manager wants to run a high-performance terminal,” notes Bromma V.P. of Marketing Lars Meurling, “but not every terminal operates in the green zone.

‟ Bromma Fleet Doctor™ is a new productivity application that we believe will help terminals achieve a higher level of efficiency and productivity.,” Lars Meurling added.

During 2011 Bromma Fleet Doctor™ will be made available to terminal customers on a trial basis. Bromma believes that the Bromma productivity suite will yield significant benefits for terminal customers, and represents the first wave of a new era of improved spreader fleet reliability.

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