Bremen Starts $34 Million Quay Rebuild

 17 Jul 2017 10.46am

Bremerhaven Port in Germany, ranked in the top 50 busiest ports, has commenced works to replace a damaged, 110-year-old quay.

A 500-meter-long section of the West Caesar of the Emperor III quay had lost structural stability and will be replaced by a new quay.

Bremen Ports is building the new quay nine meters inland behind the current wall to ease manoeuvring by ships in the port basin.

It is building the new quay as a pile wall construction with concrete slab and anchoring. About 4,000 tons of steel and 3,500 cubic meters of concrete will be installed.

An old kayak construction with 2,500 wooden foundation piles will be reconstructed and the ground adjacent the new quay will be removed. Foundations and an old loading ramp will also be cleared.

Bremen Ports prepared the project over several years, and plans to finish the new quay in 18 months, during which time a jetty has established to offer a spare berth the north side of the harbour.

Germany’s Senate provided the funds for the rehabilitation of the West Caesar of the Emperor III Quay in December 2015.

Martin Günthner, Senator for Economy, Labour and Ports said: "We are pleased that we are now ready to start construction of the quayside following the decisions of the bodies and the necessary approval procedures for the European Union.

“The construction of the new quay is an important building block to modernization of the maritime infrastructure. It remains a central task for the Senate to develop port facilities in the future."

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