Breaking: Iranian Forces Release Maersk Ship

 07 May 2015 09.57am

Iran has released the Maersk Tigris container ship, with an Iranian news agency stating that the ship was ‘free to leave’, according to the BBC.

In a previous article by PTI, the Maersk Tigris was reported as being seized by Iranian forces as it sailed through the Strait of Hormuz in the Middle East.

The reason for the seizure was said to be due to an unresolved cargo claim.

However, this has not yet been confirmed as the primary reason for detainment.

Despite the warning shots which were fired by Iranian forces at the time of capture, all crew are said to be safe and in good spirits.

Commercial container shipping as a whole could be at threat after an anti-terrorism think-tank seized a document sent by the Islamic State recently, stating that it wished to cause chaos for commercial shipping in the Mediterranean.

Piracy is also an on-going issue and has risen by around 700% in Indonesia between 2009-2013, with 106 actual and attempted attacks taking place during 2013.

See below for a map showing the precise location of the incident:

(Source: BBC)

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